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09 March 2010


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David Popoff

The director of the U of R Chamber Singers that I sang with in University LOVED Eric Whitacre. We did Lux Arumque, Water Night and a few other pieces of his. It was great stuff. She also mentioned (often) that he's very good looking.... Like that was part of her decision to choose his stuff!


Sandefur, you are truly the patron saint of Singers!! We rezeiald that when we first met you in San Diego last year. You are really proving it with your photos and commentary. It's like a virtual tour. Thank you. The pictures of the land of some of our ancestors are beautiful, lovelier than we ever imagined. We are eagerly looking forward to the rest of the trip. Singers, we are so proud of all of you. It's no surprise that you were the choir that touched hearts the most. Our prayers for all of you continue.

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